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Who is Our Audience?

Our goal is to provide content to professionals who work in, have an effect on, or are effected by user experience design. This includes a wide array of professionals: designers, information architects, content writers, usability researchers, front end developers, software developers, accessibility experts … it’s an ever expanding list.

Contribute to UX Brainstorm

Have an idea? Send us a pitch email or an outline of your article idea. You may send a finished draft, but if you haven’t written anything yet, it’s a good idea to just send us a quick email with as much detail about your idea as is necessary so we can determine if it’s a good fit for UX Brainstorm.

What we are looking for: success stories, tutorials, emerging design trends, dos and don’ts, top 10 lessons learned, case studies, etc.

What we are not looking for: personal soap box tirades, individual product reviews, content promoting your products, speculation about practices that seem interesting but have not actually been done or proven out.

What happens next? If your idea is accepted, write a first draft that is no shorter than 500 words and no longer than 1,000 words. You’ll be given a deadline by the editor you’re working with, so make sure your draft is submitted by that date. Also, if you have any accompanying images to go with it, please send only images that you have the rights to. If you don’t have any images, we may select some for you that is in the spirit of your article. Please refer to our style guide for formatting your submission.

Getting published. Once you’ve finished your first draft, make sure you proofread it. Send it and any images you’d like used to your editor. We won’t edit your “voice”, but we will correct typos or question any sections that seem to veer off topic for your post. Also, make sure to include a brief (about 30 words) bio. Be sure to include your Twitter handle and blog link in your bio. Also, please set up your desired profile photo (the photo visitors will see with your profile under your post) via Gravatar.

If we had a lawyer she’d tell us to say this. Oh, wait…we have a lawyer.

When you submit content to UX Brainstorm, it must be material that you have sole rights to. If the article has been published elsewhere, even on your personal blog, disclose this at the time you submit your idea.   While we prefer original material, we are not entirely opposed to the idea of reposts and cross-posts, but publication in other sources may prohibit our reuse of the material.

If you submit graphics, you must be able to honestly state that you either purchased online rights to that image or that the image is your own original creation.

You will retain copyrights and other rights you already have to your content. By submitting to UX Brainstorm, you are granting us a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, edit or otherwise modify and publish for public display and distribution the content you send us. The rights you grant us are irrevocable and perpetual.

I know, it sounds serious. But we have to do the proper amount of CYA.