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Top 10 Skills Employers Look For In A UX Designer / venimo / venimo

Amy Edwards gives designers the inside info on the top skills employers in the UK and Europe are looking for in user experience design job applicants.

Working for a digital jobs board, I live, eat and breathe digital job adverts – and my role means I’m better placed than most to spot digital recruitment trends and demands across the digital industry as a whole.

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Righteous Design

Bigstockphoto / NLShop Bigstockphoto / NLShop

Have you ever been in a situation where your goal was to have successful collaboration with a design colleague, but you felt blocked at every turn? Have you seen a designer shut down a developer, business owner or other project team member, basically sending the message that as the design professional, they were the only one entitled to design insights? You’re not alone.
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Beware: Gamification Ahead

Game image Bigstockphoto / Nasir1164

I’ve noticed for some time now that the word “gamification” is popping up in customer experience literature – and whenever I notice a new fad arising it sets off my skepticism. But I think there’s something to this one. I’ve revisited some of my reading notes (particularly Fisher and Schell) on the topic of incorporating elements of game design into non-game situations and am left with the general sense that customer experience practitioners should beware, in both senses of the term:
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