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The Hero’s Journey of a
UX Designer


If you’ve spent time studying any form of literature, mythology, film or theater, you have heard of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth (aka The Hero’s Journey). Actually, anyone who has seen Star Wars or The Matrix has seen it in action.

When I look back on how I started in design, and as I mentor professionals newer to the disciplines of design, I see some interesting similarities to The Hero’s Journey. Sure, it’s not lightsabers and quirky droids, but there are similarities nonetheless.

I am often asked by new or aspiring designers “How do I become an established user experience designer? What was your path?” My goal here is to help those aspiring designers, or designers who are new to the field, avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered. Some were external, but many were self-inflicted.

Since this is about my particular journey, it will be filled with personal examples. The names of the companies and innocent bystanders have been omitted.

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Top 10 Skills Employers Look For In A UX Designer / venimo / venimo

Amy Edwards gives designers the inside info on the top skills employers in the UK and Europe are looking for in user experience design job applicants.

Working for a digital jobs board, I live, eat and breathe digital job adverts – and my role means I’m better placed than most to spot digital recruitment trends and demands across the digital industry as a whole.

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Assertiveness for Designers

Assertive & Elnur

Designers frequently complain that design is not respected where they work, or they more directly complain that they are not respected where they work. The other members of their project teams interfere with their work, do not recognize the value of design to the final product, and generally attempt to take control of the design. Or perhaps people remain aloof from them, go around their back to make changes, and roll their eyes when the designer speaks about the importance of user experience. In either case, it’s not productive.
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