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Satisfaction, Delight, Disappointment, and Shock

Emotions Bigstockphoto / Nuraschka

The phrase “meet or exceed customer expectations” is a mantra in the customer experience profession, said so frequently and done so rarely that the phrase itself has become devoid of meaning. Pondering this adage in light of the cognitive theory of emotion, I’m led to the sense that it was never quite right in the first place – that the satisfaction (or disappointment) of a customer has less to do with whether their expectations were met or exceeded and more to do with a combination of two factors: whether the outcome of an interaction was positive and whether it was predicted.
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Leveraging Marketing Funnels for User Experience / Ivelin Radkov / Ivelin Radkov

Marketing funnels are a natural fit to user experience design, so natural in fact that it’s often assumed that UX designers already understand what a marketing funnel is and how it can be leveraged to optimize user experience.   Unfortunately, I’ve received a few “what’s that?” reactions and failed to find a good reference online – and worse, saw a few references that botched the explanation – and so I figured it was worthwhile to put together a blog post.
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User Experience as Competitive Advantage

Vintage Ad

Jim Shamlin writes about the history of product marketing and how user experience has become the identifying advantage of today’s marketplace.

User experience designers are often regarded as cosmetologists: the value is determined by the business, the features of the product are determined by the engineers, and the color of the paint is selected by a designer. It’s difficult for designers to convince their clients that user experience is more than visual appeal, and has the ability to create competitive advantage for their brand – in fact, user experience is becoming the primary means of competition, and involves a sustainable competitive advantage over its competitors.
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