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Accessibility is in My Code

Bigstockphoto / carloscastilla Bigstockphoto / carloscastilla

Accessibility is often an afterthought when building websites for desktop and mobile devices. However, the reality is that most well built websites already meet many requirements for being accessible. By following a few simple steps in your design and front-end development process you will be able to make everything you build truly accessible.

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What Kind of Question is That? ioannis kounadeas ioannis kounadeas

Jim Shamlin addresses the types of questions used in form design and other task completion flows, how each has its own level of simplicity or difficulty, and how to make a question filled task easier for the user.

The question of how many questions to ask a user in the completion of a task is asked far too often, as it has very little to do with how difficult the task will be to complete.  A more relevant question would be how difficult each question is to answer. Read more…

Is Reading Dead?

Electronic reader and a stack of books.

Our digital world is changing the way people read. At every turn digital alternatives are replacing paper mediums. Newspapers are out, mobile phones are in. Printed books are out, tablets and e-readers are in.

These convenient devices actually make reading easier. But it also makes reading more disjointed. I flip through a few headlines on my iPhone while waiting in line. I flip through a few pages of the latest book on my Kindle while I’m watching TV. Read more…