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UX Brainstorm is a non-profit online publication of the collective thoughts of User Experience (UX) professionals. Our articles are crafted to speak to multiple levels of experience throughout the UX community. The topics we cover include design, development, content, brand, marketing, social media, accessibility, usability, and all points in between.

If you’d like to contribute to UX Brainstorm, please write for us.

Why We Exist

UX Brainstorm was founded by Frank Duran, Amy Marquez and Igor Gregorio. The purpose of this outlet for sharing UX-related knowledge is to give a wider variety of professionals an opportunity to share their experiences with the greater UX community.

Our goal is not to be one united voice, but to be many voices under one virtual roof. We’d like to hear from people at all levels of experience – newly employed college graduates, 25-year career veterans, creative directors, marketing managers, freelance designers or entrepreneurs.

There are many approaches to UX. Not any one single way is right. What works for you? If you want your unique voice to be heard, submit your proposal or finished article for consideration.


Amy Marquez
Frank Duran
Igor Gregorio

Contributing Authors

Danielle Arad
Jessica Ivins
Jim Shamlin
John Henrichs
Leslie Daverso
Nate Burgos
Keir DuBois
Svetlana Kouznetsova
Amy Edwards

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